French dogs are more amenable than English dogs!

More differences between the French and the English

Something which always puzzles us when we are travelling around in France is the number of dogs you see hanging around without a lead, including in towns.

Several times we have seen really quite young puppies (no more than 3 months) obediently following their French owners while they trot along the street. Quite often you see a French dogs, NOT TIED UP, sitting quietly outside a shop. They are waiting patiently for their owner to make his/her purchases and come out.  I really don’t understand how they manage this. I know some dogs are amenable in this way in the UK but you don’t see so many owners confidently expecting them to abide by the rules of the road/pavement. We have had two labradors. The last one could be 100% trusted to walk alongside you and not run off, whatever the temptation. The current one, however, is given to taking unreasonable dislikes – extending to murderous intent! – to other dogs on a pretty random basis and has been known to shoot off ignoring frantic calls to come back when attracted by, say, a squirrel or any kind of food.

Dogs welcome in restaurants

The other thing which is quite different between French and English dog owners is that you quite often see French dogs sitting in restaurants and cafes, even sometimes at the table! Shops in the UK (food or otherwise) nearly all have signs forbidding entrance by dogs except guide dogs. Does this mean that French owners are more inclined to see their pets as equal family members, in the same way as they see them being entitled to wander around the street without being on a lead?